Josh Murphy


Josh Murphy

Josh MurphyMy story probably isn’t as dramatic as most. I had been training Aikido 3-4 times a week. Was a decent workout. Better than nothing.

I had a rank advancement test coming up. I knew that I would need to do something to survive. So I started running, and lost some weight. Tried P90x (man aerobics) and it helped some.

But not until I stumbled into the garage. Assuming I was in shape. (after all I could do a butterfly pullup!!)

Did I realize that I was far from it. Dr.E crushed me with “tabata this” my first class!!

I don’t really have any before stats. A lot of you didn’t know me when I was this sloppy.

But the garage has been a driving force in my life ever since. Including Events, Coaching, Programming, and new friends.

You guys rock and have changed my life!!!
2010: my weight: a soft 225#

Weight: 200#
Backsquat: 345#
Deadlift: 460#
Shoulder Press: 195#
Fran: 3:18
5K: 28:00