Houston, we have a problem.


Houston, we have a problem.


We have lots of newcomers that are attending our 6:30PM classes (aka Assisted WODs).  Perhaps that was the wrong name and provided some of the confusion.  These classes are actually “Open Gym” classes and open ONLY to members that have 6+ months of CrossFit experience or are Level 1 certified.  We also reserve this time for our new “On The Ramp”  training program where we bring our new folks up to speed with CrossFit’s fundamental movements and serve them coolaid.

But, Shane, why can’t I go?  I already know the movements.

Well, I hope you do, but you’re still new and you need more hands-on coaching to improve your form. Learning proper technique insures your safety in our gym and helps to improve and reward your CrossFit experience.  If you show up to these classes, you won’t be coached at all or pushed to increase your work capacity.

But, Shane, why do I have to wait 6 months?

Because that’s about how long it takes to learn CrossFit well enough to do it on your own, and that’s too brief for some folks.  If you spend the majority of that time not being coached, you’re not learning the form properly and you’re definitely losing most of the value of the garage.  Just ask any of the coaches. 

But, Shane, I’ve been going to these already and no one has ever told me otherwise.  Even you!

True. Shame on me.  I’m not going to tell you to leave after you’ve driven to the gym.  If enough of you would like for us to open a 6:30PM class, then please respond in the comments below and we’ll get the ball rolling in that direction.

Just so we’re clear, Thursday’s OLY class at 6:30pm is open to all.

The Garage Coaches