HELP – with TWO tasks


HELP – with TWO tasks

I would like some help with two tasks, please read and see if you fit either of these.

1.  I am doing interviews with Garage Games participants, and I need a few people who fit these stories:
            – beginner or intermediate who was not truly committed to CrossFit, competed in the Garage Games, and now you are a CrossFitter for life.

            – intermediate or advanced who felt like you were truly fit, with high hopes for where you would place, and instead you were crushed, showing you the valuable lesson of not being over confident.

2.  If you are interested (or planning) on competing in Survival of The Fittest, or volunteering.  I need your commitment.  So email us at [email protected] and let us know that you are available.  You will receive a GARAGE Pint glass for competing or volunteering, and it is FREE to our members.  We have 25 people signed up so far from other gyms, and ZERO from our gym.  So let us know please.