Growth at the gym


Growth at the gym

We are making several minor and a few major growth changes at the gym.  I think most will not effect you too much beyond an increase in our desire to help you get fit.  When we get around to pricing changes all of you will be “grandfathered” in with options to change as well.

A few of you have been with us from the beginning but there are a majority that have not.  So I’ll give some basic details that will help fill in some of the history.

In 2007 Eric came up with an idea to start a crossfit gym because it was the best way he’d found to get fit.  He has his own chiropractic business and he pushes total health big time.  Crossfit became the extension of his desire to get us all physically fit.

In 2008 he pulled Wes, Shane and I in on his little idea of starting a gym.

In July 2008, we opened the Garage.  Everything was free for the first few months and we made a lot of mistakes being new to this.  But the one thing we got right was the love of “this”.  Passion counts for a lot as we all know.

Our intro classes were non existent because everyone was new.  Therefore, every class was an intro.  Some of you will remember a time when only 4 people could do pull ups or when only 3 could do muscle ups or how much nearly everyone struggled to clean properly.
Our programming was straight off the CF HQ main site.  This was back when 135# overhead for men was RX and super hard and rarely came up.

As we got better at making you better, we started having issues with class crowding due to growth.

In 2010 we moved to the space we are in now fixing the space issue.  We altered the prices a bit and we tried to create a RAMP program for new folks.  The new prices and packages worked fine but the RAMP was a mess.  We still hadn’t found that method of teaching folks without drowning them or isolating them.

In 2011 we hired Simon to be the General Manager of the gym.  This was the first ‘major’ step in the direction we wanted to go down to provide a better more consistent product for our members.  Simon has done a great job pulling the coaches together to create that better fitness product for yall.  Our next step will be to bring on paid trainers to work closely with Simon.  Travis will be the first one but more will follow as we can afford it.

Along with this we added to our posts.  Instead of just a WOD we put a warmup, skills, strength, and time domains.  The perpetual skill training has done a lot to help us all get better.  And the massive struggle to get us to focus on intensity and not RX has been a huge help in getting us fitter faster.  Looking back some of those changes were tough… yall remember Eric’s attempt with a post to the idea of intensity across, it seemed more like an Andy email.

We also have put the Harper’s in charge of the fiscal aspect of the business and I’m sure you guys have notice how much more professional and on the ball she is than I.

Other changes that are not so obvious that we know we need to make are things like:

– a better introduction to what crossfit is (in the works)

– getting new folks to commit to 3 months to that they can get a full appreciation of what our gym has to offer in the way of pure fitness and then all the other areas including nutrition, activities, community and more.  As everyone remembers that fist month is a PAIN.  You have to get by that 1st month for “this” stuff to really sink in.

– moving folks from the idea that 2 and 3 days a week will get you Travis-fit.  Don’t get me wrong 2 days of crossfit is way better than 2 days of something else but you’ll only be “2 days fit”.  At 2 days a week, a 5 day a week person will pass you by in under 6months and you’ll never catch up.  We need you to get what you desire from “this”.

– a neater gym

– kickball  😉

and more.

We will continue to make the Garage a better place for us all.  I’ll be posting updates this month as we finalize ideas.


– Andy