One idea that crossfit holds to is GPP or General Physical Preparedness.   Basically this means being ready for anything.  This is one reason that first responders and armed service folks like crossfit.  They are prepared for randomness.

With that in mind our gym offers a few GPP skills to be gain/tried/practiced etc.

Here are the ones I know of:

– Adventure Racing

– Orienteering Races

– Trail runs

– 5 & 10k road races

– Marathons

– Triathlons
– Mountain biking

– canoeing and kayaking

– riflery, pistol shooting, trap, skeet, etc
– Hunting (deer)

– Fencing (swords not gates)

If you have other hobbies and are willing to teach/share, then add them to comments

If you’d like to try one of these out or learn more, then post your interest to comments

strong AR
strong AR