Event Judging and Reebok Gear


Event Judging and Reebok Gear

If you are interested in being a judge at future Garage Games events and getting $200 in gear from Reebok, then you will need to sign up to be a judge.

Click here to see a video of what we are expecting.

click the button below to sign up to be tested.  The cost is $35 now, for the registration, class, and test.  The next

class followed by testing will be:

8/9 Tuesday 6-8pm

8/18 Thursday 6-8pm

8/19 Friday 6-8pm

RSVP is needed, post below

Click here to see upcoming Garage Games Series events that you could judge at.

To get $200 worth of Reebok gear for $35 (free for coaches) you need to be available and selected based on your test score to be a judge at an event.  You ONLY get gear when you are a judge.

When you register on the volunteer page for the event you will be asked for your sizes so we can get you the right shorts, shoes, and shirt.  ONLY the top scores will be selected, so you might not be selected to be a judge.  EVERY competition provides NEW stuff, so you could get a dozen pair of shoes, shorts and shirts over the course of a year.  High scores always prevail.