BBQ Party at the Sofge House – for time!


BBQ Party at the Sofge House – for time!

Garage Body Comp Challenge Finish and Celebration

Everyone keep up the good work.  We’ll be taking the final measurements May 31-Jun 4 to determine our 4 winners of the 6-week challenge.

The Celebration Party will be Saturday June 12 at 6:00 pm at the Sofge’s home.  Barbecue pork ribs and chicken will be provided.  Bring your favorite sides and adult beverages.  We will announce the winners (if we can keep it secret) and present the awards (the $cash$).

No kids at this event… maybe next time.
It may be hot so feel free to dress skimpy and show off your new bodies.  The neighborhood pool is just across the street from the Sofge’s so don’t forget your bathing suit.

RSVP acceptances only to Renee [email protected]

The Sofge’s is 4 miles from the Garage south just off Trickum.  4045 Honeytree Lane, Marietta, GA 30066
I’ve also created an evite and a FB event so RSVP in one of these ways

no excuses

the coaches and load of you and a few visitors will be there

come have fun and leave drunk…. well at lease roll in your own sweat and vomit… kinda like drinking
PS – and THEN we’ll have ice cream