Faction Games 8/7-8 Memphis TN


Faction Games 8/7-8 Memphis TN

update from their email blast

What We Have So Far

So far we have 24 Faction Games competitors registered. 11 Advanced Men, 11 Advanced Women, and 2 Beginner Men. Thecompetition is still over 2 months away and the list will fill up sooner than later so get registered while you can. We plan to cut registration off at 200 participants. Here’s a list of the gyms that are being represented so far and the number of members who are competing:

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We are currently looking for folkswho would like to be a part of the Faction Games team. A lot of tasksand coordination are necessary leading up to the competition. If youwould like to join us and help make this an awesome weekend please fillout the

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I willbe in contact with you and we can communicate about what you can do.