December Schedule – updated3


December Schedule – updated3

New Years eve WOD :

12/31 9:30am – everyone is invited, bring a friend, and family, and neighbors.

The WOD:

Teams of 4-6 depending on totals.  There will be a portion of the WOD which will be a “call out”.  You will select two people from your team to accomplish the tasks, then we will draw numbers to see who gets to do the calling and who gets called.  Teams that call will select a task and a team to compete against (these are short tasks).  The winning teams of the call-out will get a bonus on the WOD.

The call-out task will start at the same time that the WOD starts.  So at 3, 2, 1… GO – the two call out members will begin working on their task, and the remaining members of the team will begin working on the WOD.  Once the call-out is completed, the two will join the rest of the team.

This is why we want teams of 6, so that 1. nobody has to be part of the call-out group who doesn’t want to be, and that the team strategy and effort is well shared between new people and veterans.



Jan 1st


Canceled classes:

12/31 … 10am

1/1 … 4pm