CrossFit – Thu, Feb 1

Crossfit Garage – CrossFit

Deadlift (- RX –
6 sets for load:
3 deadlifts
– Use the same load across all sets.)

Skill Work 020124 (Checkmark)

3 sets:

:20 ring plank hold (right arm)

:20 ring plank hold (left arm)

:20 L-sit hold

10 strict toes-to-bars

– For the ring plank holds, lower a single ring down to a few inches off the ground. To decrease the difficulty, maintain the rigid body position, but walk your feet forward (making your body more upright as opposed to horizontal).

– To reduce the difficulty of the L-sit, extend a single leg or tuck your knees toward your chest.

– To scale the strict toes-to-bars try to bring your toes or knees up as high as possible.