CrossFit – Mon, Aug 28

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General Warm-up (No Measure)



✔ Equipment: 10 or 15-lb plate.

✔ Take 1:00 to have athletes get stationed for the warm-up; then, start the clock and lead athletes through one round of work.

✔ After the first round is complete, have them continue to work at their own pace for the remainder of the 7:00.

✔ Encourage athletes to chat with each other as they move. Turn up the music enough to hear, but not so much that athletes can’t hear you or each other.

✔ Look for, assess, and coach the points of performance listed next to each movement to start building better movement patterns for the workout.

Dynamic warm-up | 8:00

Set a 7:00 clock and perform an AMRAP of the 5 movements.

Scale push-ups to the knees as needed.

Movement // What to look for

:20 jumping jacks // Arms straight.

10 unweighted good mornings // Arch in the low back.

5 tempo push-ups // Chest touching the floor.

6 Samson stretch lunges // Driving the hips/knees forward.

5 counterbalance squats // Hips back and knees out.

DB DLs and BSU w/ a run (Time)

– RX –
6 rounds for time:
12 DB deadlifts (35/50 lb)
9 DB box step-up (35/50 lb) (20/24 in)
200-m run
– Use two DBs.
– Rest 2:00 between rounds.
30 minute time cap

Stretching (No Measure)


1:00 foam roll quads

1:00 foam roll upper back

1:00 foam roll calves