Crossfit and losing weight


Crossfit and losing weight

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I think the new year’s resolutions have lead over a half dozen ladies
to talk to/email me about “crossfit and losing weight”.  We also had a
tangent on my last blog post about weight.  Due to this hot topic, I am
putting it into a blog post hoping yall will engage in some transparent
chats about weight.
The main question seems to be “will doing crossfit make me weigh less”

Here is the scientific answer

The LAW says
food in your mouth = calories in your body = weight gain

exercise = calories being burned = weight loss
besides putting a tape worm in your body, amputating a body part,
massive dehydration (hello wrestlers), standing on your head for 5 min
before weighing (yes it works and i dont know why), you have to follow
the LAW.
if you are gaining weight each year before you start crossfit, then you
hit crossfit hard and keep you eating the same… you should lose
weight. IF the out is greater than the in.  Of course this might not be
the case.
unfortunately your body will tell you after intense working out that “I
am HUNGRY” and “feed me”.  most folks will eat more after engaging in

if you are not tracking your food intake then you are missing all
the small things that add up to making your IN bigger than your OUT. 
Tracking and accountability are 2 of the biggest reasons why folks lose
weight.  This is why weight watchers and Jenny Craig actually work. 
The zone or paleo is similar in dieting scope but not in accountability.

My personal story is this:

i was the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 179 before i
started crossfit.  After a few months I dropped (slowly) down to 170. 
I tried the zone for 3 months and went to 161.  I tracked the crud out
of it and had loads of folks asking me how i was doing
(accountability).  During this point I did a WOD and got crushed like a
tank vs kingkong at the heavy weight.  I made a conscious choice to eat
more and go off zone a bit to get back to 170-ish so that I could
convert that to muscle.   So now i play in the 170 to 173 range
weekly.  at 173 i snore (thanks V for point this out).  at 170, no
snore.   Thus my goal now is 168-170 so that I’m bigger for more muscle
development yet no snoring (more rest).  My point is this, due to my
fitness goals i have set a weight goal.  I think some of you set a
weight goal and then plan fitness around that.
Back to the point:
Fitness doesn’t have too much to do with weight (beyond the massively
obvious one). To illustrate this, Curtis who isn’t much taller than me
and is 40ish pounds heavier (he’s down 30pounds by the way) almost took
me in LINDA.  Major UPS to him for the effort.  He’s massively stronger
and his lungs are coming on strong.  He is heavier than me and almost
just as fit (per LINDA).  His resting heart rate is 58 bps and 3min
after Linda his heart rate had already recovered.  But yes he still
wanted to vomit on the floor.  If you aren’t lying in your own sweat at
the end of a wod then you aren’t going hard enough … yet.  Next, Eric
is 25 pounds heavier than me and a few inches taller yet we wod neck
and neck (if they weight is light) most of the time.  I know what you
are thinking…”yeah but Eric’s weight is muscle”.  So then why don’t
you understand that about yourself!  yes you may still have some extra
but underneath is a lady/man that can DL more than she/he has ever been
able to in their life.

Don’t discount your gains just because a scales reads big numbers.
My theory is that most ladies build muscle much faster than men b/c
they’ve never done this sort of thing before.  So they don’t notice a
weight loss.  But they do notice, as Verity has, that she can DL 400%
more than when she started AND she has dropped 3 pant sizes, but she
weighs more now than “before”.  How come that 400% number doesn’t make
ladies feel better the way the scale going down does?  Had she lost
400% of her weight she’d way 32#’s.  Yes its ridiculous isn’t it… not
just the numbers but the truth of it.
So please talk it up.

Why does weight matter?

Isn’t fit more than weight?

Cant weight just be one aspect of your fitness goals and not the leading goal?

help folks, help us understand where we are
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