Carolyn Lyden


Carolyn Lyden

Carolyn-LydenI joined The Garage in Woodstock in April 2013 after I moved to Woodstock from Atlanta. I was thrilled to be a part of the early morning crew and felt like I was making great strides from the beginning. As an avid runner and rec. league soccer player, it felt like my overall fitness was improving in just a short amount of time. Plus I loved seeing my 5am workout buddies.

Unfortunately, a month and a half after I started at The Garage, I broke my left leg and tore my ankle ligaments in an unlucky soccer play. My first thought when I heard the bone snap was that all my efforts in soccer, running, and CrossFit were going to go down the drain in just a few months.

I emailed Justin about freezing my membership until I could use both legs again, and he said exactly what I needed to hear: “We can work around it.” What other gym would tell you that they can work around the fact that you can’t walk or even stand?

The coaches at The Garage essentially programmed a special workout for me every day that I could do with crutches, a cast, a boot—no matter what stage of healing I was in. It was encouraging to feel like I was staying strong even when I was only using one leg (or none!).

I competed in my first CrossFit competition less than a month after I was able to ditch the crutches. Even in the beginner category, it was clear that my months of CrossFit even with a broken leg were so much better for me (mentally and physically) than sitting at home waiting for things to heal.

I can’t praise The Garage, the coaches, and my fellow gym-goers enough for their support, encouragement, and help. I’m so grateful Justin encouraged me to come even with my injury, and I can’t wait to get better in my athletics and stronger as time goes on.