Can’t Drop This


Can’t Drop This

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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Pick a partner. Complete this workout in teams of two (2). Now, pick a stone. Do not set it down or drop it this entire WOD. 10 burpee penalty for every time it touches the ground.

12 Rounds for Reps

50 ft Stone Carry

15 Push Ups

50 ft Stone Carry

10 Clean Grip Deadlifts 185/135
Rx+ clean grip deadlifts 225/185#

Here’s how it will work: Partner 1 will start with the stone carry once they have reached 50 feet, partner 1 will then hand off the stone to partner 2 and complete 15 push ups. Partner 2, after all push ups are complete, will walk 50 ft, hand off the stone to Partner 1, and do 10 deadlifts. Once deadlifts are complete, Partner 2 will take stone back and walk 50 ft to do push ups. Each partner should alternate movements each round.

Someone must be holding the stone at all times. DO NOT DROP THE STONE. There is a 10 BURPEE PENALTY for every time the stone touches the ground.

Burpee reps will be your score. So, the lower, the better.

Record time in comments.