Andy McCann’s story


Andy McCann’s story

andy AR picToday’s Spotlight : Andy McCann!
Andy is a true entertainer at heart even though he will tell you he’s a closet introvert. He’s a master at making really bad jokes, and is generally quite fun. He’s always been active, and was a Pole Volter at GA Tech. Unfortunately, because of his lack of height and the fact that there is not much money in it, he was forced to focus on his degree. He ended up working as a sales engineer out of college, but found himself traveling far more than he preferred. He was out of balance and it was taking a toll on his family. Also during this time crossfit came on the scene. Andy had seen the tremendous impact it had on his personal fitness level. He found he could train for Adventure Races (team races that can last up to 24 hours) by doing short WOD’s. It was a very efficient way to train.
It was around this time that Andy quit his traveling job, and began managing his own rental properties. It was a big change for him. Not long after, Dr. Eric, Wes, and Shane approached him about opening The Garage. And here we are….10 years later….and The Garage is still helping people live healthier lifestyles.
His favorite workouts are long chippers with short rep counts. He doesn’t require much rest and has fast recovery time. (That’s his superpower). When he started crossfit, due to his shoulder injuries from pole vaulting, he couldn’t OHS more than a bar for a year. Also, It took him 9 months to do pull ups without his shoulder popping out of socket. It’s good to know that even Andy started out not being able to do everything! 10 years into crossfit and he said he’s still posting PR’s here and there at age 42.
His fitness goal is to be fit enough to coach his grand-kids in sports and to continue to adventure race. He likes making his own cookies from scratch and eating raw dough along the way. Once he gave up cookie dough, sugar and wheat for a year and a half. He said he got off the wagon when his dad asked him if he was terminally sick due to the weight loss. He also said it made him grumpy and stink really bad.
He loves board games and dreams of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail one day (2000 miles).

We are all glad you took the risk and opened The Garage. I know it’s a business, but we also can tell that you truly care about the people here and want to help us reach our goals!

In the picture below Andy’s the short guy in the middle. It was the Seas to Sea Adventure Race across FL in 72 hours.

Andy welcomes your snarky comments below…