Am I a competitor?


Am I a competitor?

2 days ago I used crossfit as a means to an end.  I wanted to win at adventure racing, fencing, etc without spending loads of time training.  Crossfit solved my fitness and time dilema.  But crossfit is a sport as well.  I dont think I fully grasped that until sectionals.

I went into sectionals thinking I was a bit better than I really am and got swatted by King Kong.  It was a fun time but humbling for sure.  I found that my “accidental” cheating on wallballs during wods (counting hits that were not fully above the red line) cost me 20 places.  42nd vs 22nd.

Full Results
The first wod was: row 1000m, then run up stone mountain.  I took 13th on this event which is good but I am a runner (I’m a runner mostly because I’m not a lifter).  I was last-ish off the row and passed everyone save the guy 2min ahead of me.  Without anyone to push me I slowed down.  Had I made up 30seconds I would have been 5th not 13th.
Lesson Learned: Just because you dont see anyone near you in your heat, dont give up or slow down.  Who knows what the other heats will do.
The 2nd wod: a chipper 60kb,50BJ,40WB,30PU,20GHD, 10Snatch + 100ft 45# lunges

I was 2nd to finish both the kb and the bj and I felt pretty good.  there were 12 of us in this heat.  I was the 11th to leave the wallballs.  It turns out that not know specifically what the rules are and not having good communication with your judge will cost you big.  I must have done 70 WB’s instead of the 40 due to miss hits.

I positioned myself facing the sun and up hill to wall ball against the U-Haul.  The sun was an obvious mistake but who would have considered that the ball rolling under the truck would be a problem.  Needless to say being in heat 1 is a bad idea.  Not knowing the rules even worse.  They wanted the entire ball to hit above the 10ft line.  This is something I’m not to strict on at the gym.  The next thing was the WB’s were all off balanced and wobbly.  I never use the black ones like that at the gym.  Both these things hurt me bad that day.

Then, I did 26 GHD sit ups rather than just 20.  Oops.
On a good note, while i was 2nd to last at the WB’s, I was the 3rd to the lunges.  So I passed all but 1 person to retake my spot.  Unfortunately the WB and GHD had me finish the event in 17:04, which was 4 seconds too much.  And earned me a DNF.
Lesson Learned: Think out the wod in order to get a good location/position.  Talk to your judge to understand the rules and know why your reps aren’t counting.  But most of all dont spend 2 years hitting below the red line.  AND use the wobbly ball from now on.

The 3rd Wod: Ground to over head 1 rep max anyhow.

There is nothing to say here but “be stronger”.  on my 3rd lift I cleaned and jerked a PR of 205 (previous was 203).  I jumped to 220 thinking “might as well fail and work backwards”.  To my surprise I cleaned 220 (take that Wes).  But because I dont practice the “much quicker and effective” split, I could not jerk under this weight.  Had I jerked it, I would have placed 38th rather than 47th in that event.

Lesson Learned:  Do the smart technique even though its slower in a WOD.  Practice your weakness weekly, if not daily.

The 4th wod: 21-15-9 thruster/burpee, then 225 DL’s x30.

By now I knew i wasn’t in it to win, so was testing some theories and having fun.  This event’s heats were ordered  “worst to first”.  I watched the first heat almost all DNF.  This encouraged me to try my idea out.  Which was to hit all thrusters (deep squat) then rest-ish on the burpees.

I was the first to the DL’s in my heat (2) and did them in sets of 10.  I had no motivation to kill it so I was going but not with heart.  Matt yelled out “dont let Curtis beat you” refering to curtis c.’s time for this wod earlier in the week.  I smiled and pounded out the last DL’s.

Lesson Learned:  Getting the work done is important, having a plan is good , thinking of new ways to be better is great, but having motivation… now that is unquantifiable.

a day later and still pretty sore, I am a competitor of crossfit.   Crossfit will get me fit for all my other activities but I’ll get even fitter if I decide to make crossfit a sport, not just something I do.  I will split snatch, use the wobbly ball, only count WB’s above the red line (or new line I will make), practice going heavy instead of just beating my old times, go to more events, and piss and crap myself while kipping.

As your coach, I’d love to know who would like to be pushed to competition levels.  We dont usually ask if you want to step up, we wait for you to come to us…. the affiliate cup is a good example. You dont have to be awesome to compete…  Several of the folks couldn’t even clean and a LOT couldn’t jerk.  You just have to be willing to try…. like all the folks that did the GG!  Post below if you’d like to be pushed more and tell us what you think your biggest weakness to focus on is.
There is a TEAM WOD coming up April 17th I encourage you to make a team that compliments your strengths and weaknesses.  The details of the wod are not posted (events and team size) but you can start thinking on it.
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