Adventure Racing in 2012 (posted under the Blog tab)


Adventure Racing in 2012 (posted under the Blog tab)

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A large number of you guys have mentioned wanting to try out Adventure Racing (AR).

So I’m going to post some details here.

Races off the top of my head are:

Andy, Eric, Curtis, John J, Laura B, David B,  Donovan, James H, Jamie, Paul and a few more

An AR is running, mt biking, and canoeing in the wilderness (mostly)

with a map and compass and usually on a team of 2 or 3.  They range in difficulty and scope.

Each race is quantified in hours rather distance  (ie 10hr vs 10k)

You need some gear to do these races, specifically a camelbak and a mountain bike.

You can usually rent a canoe from the race folks or Go With the Flow.


2 sites to find races


Races that I am considering for 2013

Challenge 4 AR – Woodstock – 3/23 – usually at 4-6hr AR   *** Great race for beginners and locals***
Jackrabbit AR – Hiawassee 3/30 – 6 or 12 hr
Blue Ridge AR – Blue Ridge 4/13 – 8-12 hr
Blue Ridge KIDS AR – Blue Ridge 4/14 – ? hr
Atomic – May – BlueRidge area – 30hr
Siege – June 1st at Yargo state park near Athens GA  *** Great race for beginners and locals***



So If you want in or have questions, please post below

I wouldn’t suggest making your first AR be over 12hours.

Easier one will be Jackrabbit MT, Challenge 4, Blue Ridge, Siege