6:30 PM Class Canceled


6:30 PM Class Canceled

Jennifer Pressley is stuck in Birmingham so the 6:30 assisted WOD is canceled.

I will post at 6PM if we are going to have the 7:30pm class this evening or not depending on what the snow and temperature does in the next hour or so.

Also, look at the website tomorrow morning to see about the morning classes as well.  I will post if we are going to be open or not at 4:45 depending on what the evening holds. 

I really hope everyone has plenty of milk and bread.  For you Yankee transplants ,like Eric, snow in Georgia is much more potent than northern snow.  As little as 1/4″ has been known to shut down the entire city for a WEEK.  Please be careful out there, and if you need chains for your car call Shane (404-451-8594).  He has some extras.