# 4 # – Us VS Them


# 4 # – Us VS Them

Garage Games Update!

Pound for Pound (#4#) is coming!!  Who is going to head out to Montgomery to represent The Garage.  With Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divisions, there is an opportunity for everyone!  And honestly, there is really few things more fun than going out to compete at a large scale event!


Us VS Them

You’ll notice that the Registration page also has the Us VS Them Registration.

This event is at our gym, April 30th.  The guys are hoping to compete too (Eric, Andy, Wes… maybe Shane)… we would love to see four or five teams in total for this event.  It will be really cool, and we’ll make sure there is scaled stuff appropriate for everyone.  This is the kind of challenge that you’ll talk about later. You’ll do several WOD’s throughout the day, then head off to rest, recover, eat, whatever… then back at 11pm to WOD one more time!  Cool stuff!

You need teams of four, two guys and two girls to compete!