30hour Adventure Race – Eric, Curtis, & Andy


30hour Adventure Race – Eric, Curtis, & Andy

See crossfit at work as we punish ourselves in the 2011 AR championships this Friday 8am to Saturday 1pm.  Yes the “championships”!!!! Its true we just paid to be here but still…. we are here 🙂

the folks we will be going against are some of the best in the world, if we don’t come in last place then its a WIN for the home team.

you can see live blog action here

and you can see our progress on the course here

Curtis and Eric are team #14

Andy is team #13

(they didn’t have a 3 man option) but we will be racing together none the less.


Thanks go out to all those that make this type of adventure possible here at home

– Joel and Desi for the loan of a kayak that will get destroyed

– mom’s and mom-in-law’s that will support our wives and kids as we do the unthinkable

– our insurance companies

– the guy at OutSpokin’ that might have fixed Eric’s bike

– Burger-King for keeping Curtis so buff we can hardly stand it

– The Lodge at Lake Barkley that only has 2 queen beds for 3 men

– and finally MyTopo for producting maps without any words on them and so a dream come true for Andy