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Power Bench EMOM (AMRAP – Reps)

Alternating EMOM 20:

Odd: 5 Bench Press

Even: 5 Power Clean

*On the first minute perform 5 bench press. On the second minute perform 5 power cleans. Continue pattern until time expires

**Try using 65-70% for both lifts for all of your sets. Increase as you see fit or stay at one weight. Ideally perform each set in 1-2 sets.
Alternate with a partner as long as both athletes use similar loads

Score: 100 reps (if all reps completed within time frame)

– log weight for both in notes and Bright Spots


– Substitute bench press with shoulder press

– Using DBs instead of barbell, but increase reps slightly

Bright Spot

Bench Press

Power Clean

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