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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Buy-In: 3 Rope Climbs

Then: (repeat)

12 Box Jump-Overs 24/20

30 DU

10 Alt DB Power Snatch 35/25


50/35 DB and Cash-Out: 3 Rope Climbs
– Stagger start if needed

– When 19 minutes is up, folks doing Rx+ then complete their 3 remaining climbs

– Scaling: SU 1:1, lighter DB, step-overs

Bright Spot

Rope Climb


Intended Response

During the rope ascent, think about raising the knees as high as possible (think knees to elbows) between pulls to give as much work to the legs/core as possible and avoid overuse of the arms. Relax arms during the descent and allow the lower body to maintain control.

If Double-Unders are a GOAT for you, give yourself some goals/boundaries for this portion of the workout to keep from getting frustrated or spending too much time here. Aim for largest sets possible, but spend no more than one minute before moving on. The idea is to move through the set quickly; you don’t want this to be a sticking point.

Utilize the upward hip drive on the power snatches to propel the DB overhead; avoid muscling the weight into the OH position.

Goal: 5-9 rounds


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