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Thruster (1 x 1)

Please take 15-20 mins after a quick group warmup to find a new heavy single barbell thruster. Record heaviest load


Thruster Fun (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 Minute AMRAP

12 Back Squats

9 Calories on the Bike

6 Push Press

RX 95/65

RX+ 115/85

All from the ground

Bright Spot

Back Squat

How many unbroken sets of 12 did you do?


Thrusters are deemed to be one of the most beneficial exercises since they’re a full-body movement that’s useful in daily life. Thrusters help improve coordination, muscular endurance, and balance. They help you gain both upper and lower body strength by working the quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders.

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