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Bench Press (4×3)

4 sets of 3 @ 80-85%

– rest 2 mins between sets

– athletes may pair up

– use spotter as needed

Freddy Krueger (Time)


KBS 70/53

Scale: use 53/35 KB

Intended Response

Resembling the intensity of ‘Fran’, athletes want to bring intensity to this piece. This is a ‘burner’ which is an all out effort. We are looking for fast cycle times and minimal transitions.

On the KBS, we are looking for a load we can swing 25+ reps with confidence. We are striving towards a heavier KB, but not one we know will require several sets with. We want quick transitions from KB to burpee and back to KB, etc so scale appropriately.

Goal: 3-7 minutes

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