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Runaway Legs (Time)



Calorie Row

DL 185/135

Box Jump 24/20



Calorie Row

DL 225/155

Box Jump 30/24

Runaway Legs alt (Time)



Calorie Row

DL @55% 1 RM

Box Jump/ step ups 24/20

Bright Spot


Intended Response

Aim to hold a consistent pace across all movements, but don’t let your heart rate redline on any movements either.

Hold the fastest pace you can on the rower that still allows you to get off the rower each round and go straight into deadlifts. Use this time to reestablish/regain breathing pattern.

Decreasing rep scheme cues athletes to decide upon sets of DL per round that can be achieved quickly but perhaps leave some room for a kick at the end for the last (smallest) set.

Don’t allow breathing to get erratic on the box jumps; breathe out at the top of each jump as you fully extend hips before going into the next jump. The key to succeeding in this workout is to keep your breathing under control.

Goal: 10-15 minutes

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