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12 Wallballs AFAP (Time)

5 rounds

12 Wallballs AFAP

rest 1min


Clean (1×3)

** SQUAT clean, with a touch-and-go transition on the floor

After completing the first short metcon, use the remainder of class time to work up to a heavy 3-rep. Record your heaviest set of 3 touch-and-go squat cleans

Bright Spot

Wallball Shots (AMRAP – Reps)

Rx = 20# for men/14# for women

Rx+ = 30# for men/20# for women OR 20# to 11′ target for men/14# to 10′ target for women
Did you maintain unbroken sets of wall balls?


In a full squat clean, all the muscles used in a front squat are also developed. In this lift, all the muscles needed to become a more powerful, explosive athlete are developed. The athletic carryover of heavy squat cleans is high. This is a great allover body movement and lift!

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