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Bulgarian Splits Squats (8×6)

Using DB’s loaded at each side and rear foot elevated on bench or box, lower body until front leg/quad is parallel to the floor, then raise to full hip extension

6 reps total (3 per leg)

*Perform 8 sets of 6 using same weight. Record total db weight used (exp: two 45# dbs, record 90#)


HSPU DU Walking Lunges (Time)

For time:


90 Doubleunders

30 Walking lunges (each leg)
SU 2:1

* walking lunges are body weight; knee touches ground.

*scale HSPU as necessary

Bright Spot

HSPU (report your max reps)

Double-Unders (report your max reps)


As well as testing your balance to the max – which will improve core strength – the elevated split squat is a powerhouse of a leg workout, with your quads, calves and hamstrings all set to benefit. The glutes are also heavily involved in the exercise, so it works for anyone keen on perfecting their posterior.

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