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‘Joker’ (Time)

1-10, 10-1

Toes to Bar


1 T2B, 10 DL

2 T2B, 9 DL

3 T2B, 8 DL, etc

* Time Cap: 12 mins

‘Joker’ (alt) (Time)

1-10, 10-1

Hanging Knee Raises

Deadlift @55% 1RM
*12-minute time cap

Bright Spot



Intended Response

An inverse ladder rep scheme, where we’ll climb and descend at the same time. We are looking for a deadlift load (moderate) that could be cycled 21+ reps unbroken, if we truly went for it.

Lats will take the brunt of the fatigue here, as we are firing them during the concentric (lifting) phase of the DL as well as during the kip swing of our T2B.

Pacing the reps and breaking when necessary is key, as well as preserving capacity for the final, larger sets of T2B.

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