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Hold On (Time)

200 Russian KBS 53/35

*Every break = 400m Run
– A ‘break’ counts as any time the set of swings breaks or the KB stops moving

– While running is encouraged, it may be subbed with 500m row OR .75 mile on the Echo bike

*In notes section, record how many 400m/500m row/.75 bike were completed (how many ‘breaks’ were had)

Bright Spot

Max Russian KBS (AMRAP – Reps)

Rx 53/35

400m Run (Time)

Max Effort 400m Run

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row

Intended Response

Strategizing reps (sets) and practicing proper technique is the name of the game here. Going to absolute failure on sets will not set us up for success. Instead, aim for large but manageable sets of swings that allow us to chip away at the total number while keeping the body moving through the workout without over-fatigue. Focus on the intensity of the hip drive to generate power and move the KB through the swing. Proper technique allows us to use our strength more efficiently here.

Choose KB load that can be cycled through 40-50 reps without dropping, if possible. The load should feel light rather than heavy today.

On the run, think about relaxing the arms and shoulders

Goal: 10-15 minutes

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