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Breakdance (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 25:

Min 1: 18/15 push-ups

Min 2: 13/10 Calorie Echo

Min 3: 15 Russian KBS 53/35

Min 4: 50 DU

Min 5: Rest
Men: 480 total reps possible

Women: 450 total reps possible

Bright Spot



Intended Response

EMOM-style workouts are great because they remove much of the thinking from a workout; the clock decides when an athlete is working and when they are resting. They allow us to also see if we are doing the prescribed work in a faster or slower pace.

The rest periods allow us to analyze our performance after each minute – how did we do? How do we feel? How was our technique? Did we fall off pace? We have an opportunity to redo the work at the start of the next minute.

Completing the prescribed work as quickly and efficiently as possible is preferred, to take advantage of a brief rest period.

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