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Block Head (Time)


Thrusters 95/65

Stone 2 Shoulder 70/35

50 DU/ 150 SU *after each set*


Thrusters 95/65

Stone 115/70

Only DU
Coaches – please have as many athletes as possible perform this workout outside if weather/space permits it

Bright Spot



Intended Response

Break thrusters up into manageable

sets (11/10, 7/7/7, 8/7/6, etc) and keep rest periods brief.

Aim for alternating shoulders for the S2S in order to not favor/fatigue one side over the other.

Determine most efficient pathway for the stone pre-workout and stick with it. Focus on using lower body/legs to deadlift the stone versus hinging only at the hip/using lower back (this can have a negative affect on the athlete in the workout)

If doing DU, strive for unbroken sets of 50, or two sets of 25 with minimal rest between. If doing SU, go for the largest unbroken sets possible

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