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Dips (5×5)

5 min EMOM

Work on kipping for this. This is a designated time to work on the skill to kip. Preferably dips be done on rings but if you can’t yet, then use the matador. If you are not yet strong enough to use the matador, use a bench.


T.J. (Time)

For Time:

10 Bench Presses, 185#

10 Strict Pull-Ups

Max Thrusters, 135#

Repeat the triplet until you have completed 100 Thrusters

*Put Rounds in comments
In honor of United States Marine Corps Pfc. Anthony “TJ” Antell Jr., 35, of Arlington, Texas
To learn more about T.J. click here
Bench press: 185/135

Thruster: 135/95

Once you set the bar down on the thrusters, then you must start again on Bench press. You can rest the bar on your shoulders if you choose to for the thrusters.

T.J. (ALT) (Time)

For time:

10 Bench press @60%

10 box pull ups/ ring rows

Max thruster @55% of 1 RM

Repeat triplet until you have completed 100 thrusters

*put rounds in comments


Bench Press