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Slapjack (Time)

20 Russian KBS, 1 Sit-up

19 Russian KBS, 2 Sit-ups

18 Russian KBS, 3 Sit-ups

…continue this pattern until…

2 Russian KBS, 19 Sit-ups

1 Russian KBS, 20 Sit-ups

KB 53/35

Bright Spot


Intended Response

KBS will be the crux of this workout; break the reps up into small sets from the beginning – even if you feel fresh – to avoid burnout in later rounds. Never go to failure on the KBS. Beware of going too fast on the sit-ups to make up time, as your core will be too taxed to perform the requisite number of KBS. Keep the pace moderate, and focus on the hip drive/chest up during the swing to protect the lower back.

This workout is all about muscular fatigue and overload – The challenge is finding the balance between achieving a great score and burning out before the work is done.

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