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Clean Liftoff x 2 + Power Clean (1×3)

2 Clean Liftoffs followed by 1 Power Clean
– partial clean pull or deadlift to just above the knee

– tension is in the lats

– weight remains balanced in mid-foot

– movement initiated with leg drive

– notice in the video how the athlete moves his knees out of the way as he progresses the pull from the floor

Athletes should take the beginning of class to work towards a manageable/heavy set, scored as one set of three reps.


Five Star (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Hang Clean 95/65

200m Run/Sprint

Rx+ 115/85
*Hang Clean with full SQUAT

Bright Spot

Power Clean

200m Run (Time)

Intended Response

The Clean lift-off strengthens the pull of the Clean from the floor and can help the athlete practice the proper position and shifting of weight as the bar leaves the floor

The Metcon should be treated as a sprint with a time domain of 8-12 minutes or less. Cleans should be done unbroken or split 5+5.


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