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Push Press (5×4)

Five sets of 4 reps at 65-75% current 1RM. We will retest this in the coming weeks


TTTTD20 (Time)

25-20-15-10 reps of:

Calorie Row

16-12-8-4 reps of:

Burpee Broad-Jumps (6/4 ft)

Time cap: 15 mins

Lateral Burpees Over Erg

Broad Jump:

Toes start clearly behind line, feet leave ground together, heels land clearly beyond far line and together. Use standard 6’x4′ stall mat for both guys and girls, guys jumping lengthwise, girls jump width wise

Intended Response

Broad jumps measure the explosiveness of the legs and require stabilization and control to absorb the force of the body as it lands. Benefits include improved strength, acceleration, speed, balance, and even bone density

This workout is a sprint; athletes want to have rower placed directly next to where they will be performing the burpee broad jumps for quick transitions