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Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

Alternating EMOM 21

Min 1: 3-8 Bar MU

Min 2: 24 m Farmer Carry 53/35

Min 3: 60 DU
For each movement, choose a rep count or weight that allows you to complete it within 45 seconds and gives you 10-15 seconds of rest. Your grip will be sore but push through it and work on maintaining a tight core (squeeze your stomach, gluten and keep the shoulders active especially in the MU). If unable to perform Bar MU, complete the workout with any of the following that fits your skill level: Jumping Bar MU, Chest to Bar, Pull Ups, Ring MU Transitions; ask a coach for assistance choosing the proper movement.

Score this like a Tabata. Score the LEAST amount of reps per MOVEMENT. The Farmer Carry will be scored per meter, everyone’s should be 24.

You can use kettle bells or dumbbells. Kettle bells get priority but if we run out, use dumbbells.

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