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Lunge T2B MU Sprint (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


50-foot DB Front Rack Walking Lunges 50/35

16 T2B

12 Alternating 2-arm DB Box Step-Overs 50/35 (24/20)

8 Bar MU

…at the completion of the 10 Minutes:

6-minute window to build to max Hang Squat Clean
*Record heaviest hang clean in Bright Spot*

– Coach will mark off 25′ for down and back lunges

– Scale DB weight as necessary

– Bar MU scaling: box MU, banded, C2B

One full round = 46 reps

(lunges = 1 rep per 5 feet)

Bright Spot

Hang Clean


Bar Muscle-ups

Intended Response

This is a grip-fatigue workout; decide up front how you want to break up these movements in order to help delay that fatigue.

Be aware of transitional pieces like dumbbell placement between movements so there’s less wasted rest time and keep your equipment close.

Hang Squat Clean: determine opening weight prior to workout and have the bar loaded at that predetermined weight. Choose how many attempts you will give yourself and how long you will rest in between. Aim for 3-5 lifts within the 6 minute window

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