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Partner Echo Sprint (Time)

150 Air Squats

80 DB Hang Power Cleans 35/20

300 DU

80 Russian KBS 53/35

150 Air Squats


55/35 DB

70/53 KB

**Every TWO minutes, partners stop working, then:

One partner completes 5 calories on the Echo bike while the other holds a forearm plank until the calories are completed. Partners then resume working until the next 2-minute mark. Repeat until all work is complete.

Movements must be done in order and one exercise completed until moving to the next

Reps can be divided between partners in any way
SU 1:1

Bright Spot

Air Squats (AMRAP – Reps)

Highest number of unbroken Body weight squats


Accessory Work

3 Rounds:

15 Bench or Box Dips

10 Barbell Roll-outs (for abdominals)

:30 Wall Sit (Upper leg parallel to ground)


Intended Response

Break the movements up into manageable sets for both athletes. Transition quick from partner to partner. Make sure to keep track of where you are in the workout very two minutes so you can go right back to where you left off and continue.

Partners on the Echo bike will want to hustle to not leave their partner holding a plank for long.

As always with partner workout – have fun!

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