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Push Press

Every 90 seconds for 6 sets (9 minutes total) athletes are to perform 2 Push Press reps using 75-80% 1RM. Barbell can come from rack


Double Press (Time)

Buy In: 20/18 Calorie Row

50 DU

25 Push Press 75/55

40 DU

20 Push Press

30 DU

15 Push Press

20 DU

10 Push Press

10 DU

5 Push Press

Rx+ 95/75
SU 2:1

Barbell received from ground

Bright Spot


Push Press

Intended Response

Buy-In awakens the legs, arms, core and heart rate. Aim for uunbroken jump rope sets and at least 5-10 push press per set before dropping (on the round of 25 and 20). The remaining should unbroken or near unbroken.

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