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Bench Press (5×2)

Using the first 15 minutes of class, athletes are to complete 5 sets of 2 reps at 80-85% of 1RM. Aim to use the same weight for all 5 sets. Rest :90 between sets. Use a spotter when necessary.

Athletes will need to pair up and share benches for larger classes


Echo Bells (AMRAP – Reps)


Odd: 12/10 Calories Echo Bike

Even: 15 KBS 53/35

Rx+ 70/53
For entire 14 minutes:

Males: 189 total reps

Females: 175 total reps


Benefits of bench press for Crossfit include increasing pushing strength, which transfers to other movements (lock-out strength), builds tricep strength, increases raw strength which aids with any strict Crossfit movement (strict HSPU, strict pull-ups, strict muscle-ups, etc), it’s a compound exercise that works chest, triceps, lats, delts and even core, and its constantly varied. Bench press is a great accessory movement to use on days when looking for something extra to do.

Intended Response

EMOM Alternating Couplet: The intention for this is to finish the work prescribed for each minute in the same (or similar) amount of time during the beginning (minutes 1-2) as well as the end (minutes 13-14). Here we have a chance to practice doing work for longer periods of time and test our endurance.

We test our pace – do we stay on pace, or do we fall off?

This particular couplet tests our aerobic system – can we keep control of our breathing?

Aim to finish the prescribed work in order to take advantage of the rest period, and then briefly analyze our performance:

How do we feel?

How was our technique?

Did our pace slow significantly?

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