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Bench Squat (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Ascending ladder:


Bench Press 95/65


Air Squats

**20 DU after each round

Rx+ 115/85
(Round 1 is 2 bench presses then 10 air squats, Round 2 is 4 bench presses then 12 air squats, etc.)

*Score is completed rounds and remaining reps NOT including DU

SU 1:1

Bright Spot

Bench Press



Metabolic conditioning targets both energy systems in the same workout by using high intensity, whole body movements along with a very short work-to-rest ratio. That means you go from one challenging exercise to the other with little or no rest in between. Even after you leave the gym, metcon workouts burn calories through a process called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

Intended Response

Shortened total workout time, a lighter load (than typically prescribed) for bench press, body weight squats and jump rope (cardio) – athletes should be able to move from one skill to another quickly through this workout.

Bench press weight should feel ‘light’ so athletes should scale the weight accordingly.

An elevated heart rate comes in response to double-unders, but a lower set of reps keeps a steady breathing pattern.

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