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EMOM Complexities (Time)

EMOM for as long as possible:

2 Power Cleans

2 Front Squats

2 Push Jerks


Rx+ 115/85
Scale load as needed. Barbell can touch ground/be set down as necessary between reps.

Score is the last minute athletes are able to complete all 6 movements

Example: Bobby completes all movements in minute 6 but cannot finish them all in minute 7. Bobby’s score is 6 minutes

**If athletes are capable of cycling both the Rx and Rx+ weight, please choose the load that provides the most challenge.

Coaches please advise athletes on an individual basis regarding load choice depending on current athletic capacity

Bright Spot

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Jerk


A barbell complex is useful for a developing number of different areas of your fitness: strength, endurance, muscular hypertrophy, and conditioning. They also train your mental toughness and technique. As the complex wears on, only efficient and correct form will allow you to complete sets using heavier weights